Understanding bird movements to help identify important sites in the Solent for feeding and roosting birds 

Our aim is to understand the importance of the network of high tide roost sites and inland feeding areas within the Solent for the conservation of the overwintering bird populations, and how best to maintain and enhance these sites.

This project is not for profit and encompasses two unique but interlinked projects 1) The Solent Bird Movement Study which is looking at the bird movements and usage of sites around the Solent. 2) The Solent Coastal Network Study which is looking at how these sites play a role within the network and their importance to it. All data collected will further develop our understanding of bird movements and help us identify which sites are important for feeding and roosting in the region. Colour ring sightings will further aid our efforts to understand how birds move within the Solent, where possible please submit these.

All data will be made freely available to all, this project is not for profit and aims to help inform and guide environmental decisions affecting protected bird species along our southern coastlines and inland...

By submitting your records of wintering birds around the Solent region you are playing a pivotal role in helping us understand the importance of each site, which will contribute to Solent wide decisions relating to coastal flood and erosion management.

CONTACT US - If you are not already a volunteer but would like to get involved in this exciting and vital project, please email info@escp.org.uk and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

If you’ve already signed up, please register with the site, and share your sightings with us via this website or the new app SolentBirds for iPhone and Android mobiles and tablets!


Download the app

While our focus is on the Solent this App can be used across the UK and the data you collect is freely available to download from this site!

Have a smartphone? Why not use our app when you’re out and about! The Solent Birds app allows records to be submitted on site or input offline and verified and uploaded later, when convenient. GPS integration is included as well as a species guide to aid identification. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, and saves time! This app can be used nationwide in the UK! Join us in recording sightings of protected species and help guide future environmental management!

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